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AICM Board Director Visited Environmental Management of Soil Department of MEP on Chemical Management

High Level Visit_MEP 20171129

On Nov. 29th, AICM Board Director, Mr. Chien, Mingcheng, visited Environmental Management of Soil Department of Ministry of Environmental Protection. Executive Director, Ms. MA, Beryl, and Ms. WANG, Bing, Chair of Industry Policy Advocacy Committee (IPAC) and relevant staffs joined the visit.

Mr. ZHONG, Deputy Director-General of Department of Environmental Protection of MEP, welcomed the visit of AICM Delegation. Mr. Chien, on behalf of AICM board, introduced the three principles of association since establishment, including promotion of responsible care, cost-effective, science- and risk-based policies and contributive roles to the economy. Mr. Chien, on behalf of AICM board, appreciated the roles of MEP in reduction of industry workload at notification of new chemical substances and simplifying the notification procedure on chemical management, which were welcomed by all industry for a future sustainable development. Mr. ZHONG well acknowledged that fast responses, contributive activities and expertise of AICM Core Team during the past few years. Regulatory development and future strategic plan on Chemical Management from MEP Existing Substances & New Substance were well exchanged at meeting. Mr. ZHONG indicated that collaborative efforts of all stake holders on environmental management of chemical substances will be welcomed. Under the guidance of the policy of streamlining administration and delegating power, it is necessary to establish effective supervision teams to promote the internal subjective initiative of enterprises.  Mr. ZHONG indicated that establishment of a comprehensive and scientific risk assessment system and the implementation of chemical risk management based on exposure will also be the focus of the future.

Serving as a connection between the international chemical manufacturers and governmental authorities, AICM will continue to introduce the most advanced practices and experiences of regulatory management at global scale, further build the positive image of chemical industry in China. (Dated by Nov. 29th, 2017)