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AICM co-organized the 3rd China International Chemical Process Safety Symposium


On 21 September, AICM co-organized the China International Chemical Process Safety Symposium, which was aimed at accelerating the implementation of process safety management, promoting the concept and methods of chemical process safety management, and promoting advanced experience in process safety management in China and abroad.


This year is the third time that AICM has participated in the “China International Chemical Process Safety Symposium “, which organized by the China Chemical Safety Association and the International Exchange Center of the State Administration of Work Safety. At the conference, Mr. Wang Haoshui, chief engineer of the State Administration of Work Safety, made the keynote speech. Wang expressed that the chemical industry safety situation is more complex. China is the world largest producer of chemicals, at present, China’s chemical industry is still in a period of rapid development, to strengthen the chemical process safety management is a very vital task.



AICM Chairman Dr. Jelfs delivered a speech to review the work of AICM on behalf of international chemical manufacturers for many years to help promote the safety of chemical processes and the willingness to actively cooperate with and support the safety supervision departments. He said: AICM works closely with local authorities to improve safety management on chemical industry parks. For example AICM and its process safety experts works with National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety (NCICS) to actively support process safety projects in Nanjing Chemical Park. By communicating with various local governments and chemical parks, we have found that leaders from all levels are playing an active role in safety management, environmental monitoring and Responsible Care, with the aim of promoting safer, greener development of chemical parks. This is highly consistent with the vision of AICM and its companies of “Committing to the sustainable development of a responsible chemical industry in China “.


AICM are always keen to support local authorities and chemical industry parks on safety compliance and training. The role of AICM is to encourage its companies to bring their best practices of Responsible Care into China to implement them locally and to propagate those practices more broadly in our industry. Responsible Care is the global chemical industry’s environmental, health and safety (EHS) initiative to drive continuous improvement in performance. Our goal is to benefit all stakeholders in our industry, including customers, suppliers, the local community, employees and investors through the positive impact of Responsible Care and to achieve this, extensive technological and management expertise is applied in China. One of the important elements of Responsible Care is process safety.