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AICM Held Annual Workshop on Toxicology, Eco-toxicology and Risk Assessment and Education Course on Risk Assessment

On July 9th, AICM held annual workshop on toxicology, eco-toxicology and risk assessment in Nanjing. It is intended to exchange on the evaluation of carcinogenicity of chemicals and endocrine disruptors identified in future. Professor FU, Lijie, secretary of Chinese Society of Toxicology, and Dr. LIU, Jining from Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science presented the current understandings of carcinogenicity studies and general overview of endocrine disruptors identification at global scale. Dr. Zhengyu YIN shared the view how big data can help the toxicology and risk-based decision making.

Advanced aspects of risk assessment e.g. TTC, QSAR,read across, Risk21 etc., exposure science development and its application in risk assessment were well introduced at training course in the afternoon session. Some applications and case studies share for pesticide dietary risk assessment, food contact materials risk assessment, and environmental risk assessment. About 100 participants attended the training course of risk assessment in the afternoon session.