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AICM Participated RCLG and APRO Activities


AICM Responsible Care Committee Chair and AICM RC Coordinator Mr. John Gao attended Responsible Care Leadership Group Meeting, Asia Pacific Responsible Care Organization (APRO) Meeting and Asia Pacific Responsible Care Conference (APRCC) in Singapore from and Nov 2nd- 3rd 2017 and Oct 30th -31st 2017 respectively. Ms. Song introduced the AICM RC activities. Other speakers from international companies and associations introduced their experience of implementation of Responsible Care and Process Safety best practices. John Gao led the session in order to help small and medium enterprises to implement RC and shared his own experience on how the AICM Responsible Care implementation and Road Safety Quality Assessment System (RSQAS) in China which demonstrated AICM鈥檚 contribution of RC in Asia Pacific Region