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AICM PRCC Held a Meeting on 2018 Work Priorities

Oct 27, PRCC (Public Relation and communications committee) held a group meeting in Merck Office Shanghai to discuss PRCC 2018 work-plan and AICM 30 year’s anniversary event, collected feedback from the team. There were 17 people attended the meeting. The meeting was full of active discussion with fruitful thoughts-sharing.

PRCC deputy chair Jansen Xu presented 2018 PRCC work-plan, giving further information on major functional areas, workload allocation, 2018 priorities and website update. Jansen showed the team with key expectation, budget planning percentage and sub-committee relevance. The work-plan was well illustrated within the team.

PRCC chair Susan Jiang presented the 2018 AICM 30 years’ anniversary on event purpose, design, topics and some operational ideas. The event received popular comments, including some very practical suggestions. Such as: 30 years AICM VS 40 years China Openness; 19th NPC, show design, innovation etc.

The meeting is very helpful for PRCC team on internal communications, as well as the clarity on 2018 work plan and priorities.

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