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AICM Successfully Co-organized 2017 5th International Forum of Food Contact Material

On Nov. 2-3, 2017, AICM IPAC c0-organized 2017 5th international forum of food contact material with CNFIA experts council in Xi’an. AICM have been working on this forum continuously three years, which become an influential event in China with involved experts and officials from China, US, EU, Japan and other regions. We hope to raise awareness of safety on food contact materials and share best practice on regulations compliance.

AICM organized 43 participants from 21 companies to join in this event. Mr. Jiaqi Yuan, on behalf of AICM, shared AICM views on food contact adhesives compliance and risk assessment based on US and EU practice that provide more supports during draft process of new standard and raise AICM voices. AICM will continue to strengthen collaboration and exchange with officials, experts and supply chain for promoting standards drafting and implementation.