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AICM Successfully Held Environmental Management of Chemical Substances Sub-Committee Meeting Especially for Global Regulatory Review


On Sep. 27th, AICM held Environmental Management of Chemical Substances Sub-Committee Meeting especially for global regulatory exchange and summary of previous activities in 2017. About 60 participants from 40 membership companies joined the meeting and relevant discussion. Mr. GAO, Yingxin, Director Assistant from MEP-SCC, gave an opening speech and appreciate the industry inputs during the regulatory development of environmental management of chemical substances. IPAC Chair, Ms. Wang Bing, attended the meeting and acknowledged the team efforts from AICM and MEP-SCC with high efficiency. Ms. Eva WAN and Mr. Zhao YU chaired the meeting and special session on the new data requirements for notification of new chemical substances, which are welcomed by industry.

Experts from both industry and MEP-SCC, Ms. Daisy Fu (AkzoNobel), Ms. LU, Ling (MEP-SCC), Ms. Huang, Mei(BASF), Ms. LI, Heng(IFRA), Mr. Nie, Jinglei (MEP-SCC) and Ms. Sophie LI(Covestro), as a joint team, shared the regulatory updates on chemical management in Korea, Japan, Australia, EU, US and Canada. The purpose of regulatory review is to promote the environmental management of chemical substance in China by introduction of global best practices.