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AICM Successfully Organized 2017 Automobile Application Material Regulations and Database Workshop in Shanghai

On Nov. 16th, 2017, AICM IPAC successfully organized “2017 Automobile Application Material Regulations and Database Workshop” in Shanghai. Mr. Sharp Tan, as Automobile & Electrical Electronics Sub-committee co-chair, hosted the meeting. 27 participants from 17 companies joined in this event.

Mr. Sharp Tan delivered a welcome speech and introduced meeting purpose. We invited two experts from CATARC to make lectures on China ELV and VOCs regulations updated, service condition of CAMDS and AMASS and green automotive materials assessment to deeply exchange with representatives. On behalf of raw materials producers, AICM paid close attention to related regulations on automobile application field, and continuously maintained communications and interactions with CATARC so as to provide high quality and efficient platform and service.