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AICM Successfully Organized Cosmetics RM Management Workshop in Shanghai

Cosmetics_20171117On Nov. 17th, 2017, IPAC Cosmetics RM Management Sub-committee of AICM successfully organized sub-committee meeting in Shanghai. Director of Cosmetics Department of CFDA attended the meeting and gave the regulatory updates on cosmetics raw materials management. The meeting was intended to exchange on the recent updates of cosmetics raw materials management and address the most concerned topics on polymers, registration requirements, etc. About 40 representatives from 30 members attended the event and joined the discussion.

Mr. ZHAO, Yu well introduced the purpose of sub-committee meeting and chaired the meeting.

To further enhance the communications of industry with officials and technical experts, AICM will continue to serve as a bridge and platform, and promote a sound science & risk-based regulatory and standard system.