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AICM Successfully Organized New Raw Material Notification of Food Related Products Workshop in Beijing

On Sep. 25th, 2017, AICM IPAC organized new raw material notification of food related products workshop in Beijing. Ms. Karin XU, IPAC Deputy Chair, delivered a welcome speech and brief introduced AICM and IPAC. Mr. Sam BIAN, as Food Safety Sub-committee chair, hosted the meeting. 28 participants from 21 member companies joined in this event.

Mr. Hongwei WU, the head of Governmental Affairs Department of NHFPC, introduced the submission rules, administrative procedure and common problems of new raw material notification of Food Related Products. Ms. Hong ZHANG, from China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, shared the notification review management, release procedures and attention notes with all members. All participants fully communicated with experts, and the experts explained some details and provided suggestions for some issues. We hope to have more communications and exchanges with governmental experts, members and stakeholders within AICM platform.