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AICM Successfully Organized VOCs Related Standards Workshop in Beijing

On Sep. 12th, 2017, AICM IPAC organized VOCs related standards workshop in Beijing. Ms. Karin XU, IPAC Deputy Chair, delivered a welcome speech and brief introduced AICM and IPAC. Mr. Danhof Lee and Mr. Yang CAO, as coating sub-committee chair and site HSE sub-committee chair, respectively hosted in each half day. We invited two governmental experts to interpret two important standards and exchange views in-depth. 31 participants from 21 member companies joined in this event.

Prof. Guangli XIU, from East China University of Science and Technology, introduced the drafted version and management thoughts of Emission standards for air pollutants from manufacture of paint, ink and adhesive. Mr. Guoning ZHANG, from Environmental Standards Institute of Chinese Research of Environmental Protection, introduced Fugitive emission standard of volatile organic compounds. All participants fully discussed on industrial concerns and issues, and two experts provide effective solutions and suggestions.