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AICM Successfully Organized Workshop on Hazardous Chemical Safety Management and Sub-Committee Meeting


Hazchem 20171222

On Dec. 22, 2017, AICM successfully organized a workshop on chemical management. Experts from SAWS-NRCC and CCSA attended the meeting and gave the regulatory updates on legislative development and implementation guidance. The meeting was intended to exchange on the hazardous chemical safety laws, GHS classification issues, and update of relevant standards and address the concerns of members. About 90 representatives from more than 40 members joined meeting and relevant discussion.

Ms. Bing WANG, IPAC Chair, well acknowledged the great efforts of members for the promotion of a sound, science and risk based chemical management. Mr. Xie Dong, Chair of Hazardous Chemical Safety Management chaired the meeting, summarized the previous activities in 2017 and introduced the priorities and work plans in 2018. Task force leaders of Ms. Sally LI and Ms. Sandy MA well exchanged with members on the status of advocacy work achieved and key milestones. To get aligned implementation practice among several ministries and local bureaus are still main concerns of members. To accomplish the goal of easy administrative procedure, reduce the workload, and improve the cost efficiency, the core team made contributive roles during the policy development.