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AICM Supported “First International Transportation Safety Meeting & Expo”


From December 19 to December 21, the “First International Transportation Safety Expo” co-hosted by the International Exchange and Cooperation Center of the State Administration of Work Safety and the International Cooperation Affairs Center of the Ministry of Transport was held in Beijing. Nearly 1,000 guests, including leaders, experts and business representatives from China, the United States, Germany and other countries, World Health Organization and other international organizations and well-known enterprises, shared the best practices both in China and abroad with the theme of “Transport Security in Modern Society”. Mr. Liu Xiaoming, Vice minister of Ministry of Transportation and Mr. Sun Huashan, Vice director of State Administration of Work Safety.  AICM participated a sub-forum titled “Safety of Storage and Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals” as the supporting partner.


The sub forum was chaired by Ms. Beryl Ma, Executive Director of AICM, and Ms. Karin Xu, Regulatory Affairs Director of Merck Holding China, Vice Chairman of AICM Industrial Policy Committee. Speakers including Mr. Luo Delin, Deputy Inspector of the Water Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, Director of the Anti-Fouling Division of the Maritime Safety Management Bureau of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Dong Fei, Director of the Dangerous Goods Registration Center of the State Administration of Work Safety, Huang Fei, CAAC Hazardous Materials Transportation Management Center Standard section chief d Li Yuhong shared updated information domestic and international transport of dangerous goods regulations, the safety of waterway transport of dangerous goods, dangerous goods and chemical identification of the status quo and the future, and dangerous goods aviation safety storage and transportation with analysis.


Ms. Li Donghong and Ms. Li Shaoxia, representatives of BASF and AkzoNobel from AICM companies, presented their practices in storage and transport safety and emergency response demand for the transport of limited hazardous goods and current regulations. The Sub-forums attracted more than 60 delegates from dozens of institutions and companies. Over the years, AICM has continued to work on the policies and regulations on the safety of hazardous chemicals and has assisted its member companies in active implementation through “Responsible Care”, which has been positively affirmed and supported by relevant counterparts both inside and outside the industry.