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AICM supported Ministry of Commerce and Panjin government co-organized investment policy workshop

News 22On Sept 27th, 2017 Panjin Chemical Industry Park and Foreign Enterprises Investment Policy Conference was held in Panjin Cuixiahu Hotel, which attracted attendance of more 50 representatives from the government and enterprises.

Wang Yongwei, the Deputy mayor of Panjin, presided over the meeting. Zhang Yuzhong, the Deputy Director of Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce Commission, introduced foreign investment policies and specific capital attraction requirements. Ms. Beryl Ma, the AICM Executive Director, introduced AICM and Responsible Care,Beryl wants to further discuss the industrial policy related topics. AICM members questioned and communicated with Panjin government regarding the policies. Mr. Yang Ting, Secretary General of CPCIF Chemical Industry Park Working Committee introduced about the current status of chemical parks.

On Sept 28th, AICM representatives and the federation park committee representatives jointly visited Panjin Chemical Industry Park. After visiting, AICM representatives have fully understood the achievements that Panjin has gained on chemical industry upgrade of the park, and comprehended the park admission policies and specific requirements, especially the project access conditions, requirements on land, environmental protection and energy consumption indexes, and park industry chain planning, etc..