Responsible Care Committee
The goals of the Responsible Care® Committee are to:

•  Ensure that AICM fulfills Responsible Care ® commitment;
•  Guide AICM’s Responsible Care® effort;
•  Represent AICM in Responsible Care® global initiative;
•  Ensure AICM positions are aligned with our commitment to Responsible Care ® on chemical specific

The core-functions are to:

•  Support the implementation of Responsible Care® Code of practices among all AICM companies;
•  Promote Responsible Care® in China through close association with CPCIA;
•  Participate in Responsible Care® activities at either the regional or global level;
•  Promote and implement Road Safety and Quality Assessment System in China.

Industrial Policy Advocacy Committee (IPAC)
The Goals of the Industrial Policy Advocacy Committee are to:

•  Advocate science-based chemical industry policy and risk-based regulation system to promote the sustainable development of China chemical industry.
•  Monitor the updates of China chemical industry policies and regulations to assist AICM companies’ understanding, implementation, and communication with the authorities.
•  Facilitate the international exchange and collaboration on chemical industry policies and regulations for the purpose of harmonization.

The core-functions are to:

•  Enhance cooperation and communication with relevant policy makers and other stakeholders on chemical industry policy and regulation.
•  Provide comments and proposals on policies, laws, regulations and standards of China chemical industry development on behalf of AICM companies’interests.
•  Monitor and inform AICM companies the updates and trends of policies, laws, regulations and standards of China chemical industry.
•  Create the exchange platform bridging the international and domestic chemical industry, sharing the experiences on international

Public Relations and Communications Committee
The goals of the Government Cooperation and Communications Committee are to:

•  Actively build the positive image of chemical industry;
•  Precisely position and leverage AICM; 
•  Strengthen the communication and cooperation with internal and external stakeholders;

The core-functions are to:

•  Initiate, organize and participate in industry activities;
•  Media Relations; set up smooth interaction with media;
•  Support internal initiatives in terms of event management and media relations; 
•  Maintain effective communication with international organizations; facilitate cooperation or best practice sharing; 
•  Provide CI design, media plan, newsletter, on-line communication support.