Message from Board

1988 witnessed the formation of the AICM. Since then, AICM has continued to evolve into an organization which represents its companies in promoting and bringing forward the best international practices in the chemical industry to stakeholders in China. With decades of experience in China, AICM companies have developed a shared vision: to contribute to the development of a harmonious society and the sustainable growth of China’s chemical industry. As the representation of the leading international chemical players in China, AICM commits to: Promote Responsible Care® among all the stakeholders; Advocate cost-effective, science- and risk-based policies to the policy makers; Build up the contributive role of the chemical industry to the economy.

Today, AICM represents nearly 70 international chemical companies with significant business operations in China, specializing in manufacturing, storing, transporting, distributing, application and disposal of chemicals. Of the 50 largest chemical companies in the world, over 20 are companies of AICM. They bring their best practices to China from their operations and businesses worldwide. With all AICM companies joining hand in hand, AICM strives to make the voices of international chemical companies heard by all relevant stakeholders and to become the prime conduit for sound and healthy development of chemical regulatory regime and industry standards in China.

Through its history, AICM has enhanced its reputation and effectiveness by partnering with local industrial associations, environmental protection agencies, safety and health management authorities, quality inspection and quarantine administrations, chemical media agencies and local chemical industry players in promoting Responsible Care® principles, global systems for chemicals management, safe and clean manufacturing practices, energy saving and emission reduction initiatives and sustainable development policies and programs . These efforts not only help our companies improve the regulatory environment and law enforcement practices, but also benefit the whole chemical industry by gaining the general public’s understanding and confidence in the industry in China. With more and more Chinese chemical companies adopting the Responsible Care® principles and practices, we further believe AICM will bring even greater value to the sustainable growth of the chemical industry in China and across the globe.

We sincerely invite you to join us in the journey of sustainable development of chemical industry.

Yours truly,

Board of Directors